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This is Molly in her favorite basket. One that she has outgrown but still tries to fit into.

What no cats???

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything about cats/for cats/including cats/ I mean after all… isn’t that why the Internet was invented in the first place? Here’s a picture of Simba – he is technically my Grandcat since my son Morgan took him to FSU with him. But, he’s still adorable!



Back again

I posted .projects to my Electronic Pre-Press page. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now, but just didn’t make the time. Or the effort. That tends to be my biggest problem. I don’t have time, motivation or something to say all at the same moment. I always say I’ll try harder, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. : /

technology sucks… sometimes

Well, it seems that my old faithful friend, my clunky but reliable desktop computer finally gave up the ghost. Sure it’s been slowing down, and stopped recognizing any USB devices, and has been making odd clicking sounds whenever it rebooted, which, I admit, has been necessary more and more often. But come on! Shouldn’t a computer last more than a mere 8 years? Really? And I was such a whiz with Windows XP – I actually know where to find everything and can configure with the best of them.

So, today, I trekked to the big box technology store and bought my first laptop. After watching my sons lug their laptops from room to room (including I’m disgusted to say – the bathroom!), I decided that was actually pretty handy. Of course, right now, I’m still sitting at my desk so I can use my trackball. I do hate the touchpad!

The worst part of this whole experience is that I have to learn a whole new operating system – Windows 8. I was a little hesitant until the clerk showed me that it still has my old friend – the desktop – hidden behind the fancy schmancy apps-window. So far I was able to get my printer installed and am in the process of finding my favorites again. And I can post to my blog. And I can do my homework Julie! So, not all is lost.

Well – gotta go. I’ve got more software to install. Maybe next time I’ll get brave and do this from my library. But don’t worry – I promise to keep it out of the water closet! lol

Here I sit…

Here I sit, trying to organize a few thoughts, so that I don’t appear to be TOO flighty/nerdy/goofy/loony. Or, is it the underlying purpose of a blog to just type ‘stream-of-consciousness’ stuff? If that is the case – you may want to skip this.

Let’s see – what did I do today? The day was my own, as my spouse made his annual pilgrimage to Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl. He and many buddies have been doing this for about 10 years – a ‘guys only’ meat and beer fest. Darn – I don’t get to go. Instead, I have to stay home and, oh I don’t know, do what ever I want to do. Or not do. Sigh – it’s a sacrifice, but I do my best. **snicker snicker**

I started off going to the bank and then getting a hair cut. Woohoo! Then I spent a few hours catching up on some TV shows (Dr. Who, Rosemary & Thyme, Big Bang Theory) that I had recorded. l wouldn’t have watched so many, but my kitten Molly decided to take a nap so I played  ‘cat pillow’ for a while.

After a PB&J for lunch, I headed out to the back yard to do a few chores. Mostly I stood looking around, overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done, then I went back inside and fixed a cup of tea.

I spent a bit more time reading a book and playing ‘cat pillow’, then the spouse returned triumphantly and I heard about all the fun.

You have just had a glimpse into the exciting life I live. I hope you survived! I need to leave now and get busy – upload a few pictures and add some content to my education pages, then I think I’ll write a few chapters for the novel I’m penning, and there is an oil landscape painting I need to finish up. Oh wait – Molly just came in looking sleepy. Maybe she needs another nap…